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we love stock

an elite challenge community for stock icons

'we love stock'
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-- an elite icon challenge community for stock icons :)


Welcome to welovestock, an ELITE CHALLENGE COMMUNITY for STOCK ICONS, open to outstanding icon makers who want to participate and have fun.

Your mod is Vika, fulminant.

This is the little sister community of createandshine and elite_create.

the challenge.
• You have to be a member to participate.
• The icons you submit must be stock. (remember that stock images are NOT fashion images or text images from weheartit or fffound).
• All effects are allowed, except animation.
• You may only enter with the graphics YOU have made.
• All entries must fit LJ standards (100x100),(40KB).
• Post your icon and the icon url in a new post to the community and tag your entry with your username.
• Do not vote for yourself or get others to vote for you.
• Premade work is NOT allowed. Your icons must be new.


fffound and weheartit images are not all stock images - only a 10% are stock -, they're bookmark places where people mark lots of images that are not exactly ALL stock. I mean the 'text images' like those: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | are NOT stock pictures. Those are text pictures

>> Good sources to find stock images: veer || gettyimages || sxc.hu || inmagine

► apply + here + to paticipate :)


- Current challenge ends on Sunday evening.
- Voting is posted after the challenge is closed.
- Voting is closed on Monday or Tuesday and winners will be announced shortly after that.
- New challenge is posted right after the voting goes up.

--> if you are watching the community:

- Respect the icons here, don't hotlink them or steal them!
- Credit the maker not the community if you use any icon.
If you don't know how to credit properly, you'll find a very useful tutorial here.