ginger vic (fulminant) wrote in welovestock,
ginger vic

application post vol.2

application post

Hello and welcome to welovestock! We are an elite community which means that you have to apply to participate in challenges. This is the place to do it:)

the application rules:
+ leave your application as a comment to this post
+ use this template for your application:

+ provide 10-15 examples of your stock icons
+ right now I'm the only mod here so I will decide your fate:) YES means you're in and NO means you can't be a member just yet
+ if you got a YES, please, check you invites HERE
+ if you got a NO, please, feel free to stick around and then reapply whenever you think that you've improved! we'd love to have you here!
+ I'll try to be very subjective and to the point so, please, no drama and no hard feelings.
+ and most importantly: have fun and enjoy yourself!♥
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